A New, National Perspective on Real Property

In Vantage Point, we offer information products and services that provide insights into property, property ownership, location, property value, and financial, legal and tax encumbrances.

What makes Vantage Point different from other sources is in how we treat the underlying data. We apply our experience in title research and property location to create information solutions from the best available content, including our own rich data resources. We deliver these solutions in the form of products through our Data Solutions Center , through services placed and managed in OrderPoint , and via Web Services / XML.

Our National Resource Directory lists data sources made available by county and municipal government offices, and professional services from local and national companies to support you and your business, all organized by county for easy searching.

These are what makes Vantage Point your new national resource for real property research.

We invite you to frequent this Web site to review new products and services, and to subscribe to receive regular updates.

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